Down below is a small sampler of what you can expect from an issue of Topple.  The puzzles and aesthetics contained within reflect issue 5 onward.  Puzzles shown may exist in the older issues, but they are likely to have a more simplistic look or even different rules. 

It should be noted that although no logic puzzles appear in this sampler, they have been included in Topple since issue 3.  They have been excluded because the sampler is designed to show puzzles unique to Topple, and most of the logic puzzles aren't.  We currently deal in logic puzzles such as Masyu, Hashi and Nurikabe

This sampler contains six puzzles, which is fewer than any given issue of Topple.  The first two issues have seven, and the rest have ten or more.  Also the answers are not given here, as we want this sampler to truly puzzle you.  Normal issues have answers in the back of the magazine.

And on a final note...we're holding out on you.  Our flagship games are not included here.  One is a word game and the other is a logic puzzle, both invented by staff and not found anywhere else.  If we have you curious, go pick up a copy today!